Remembering Humberto Cruz

Photo: David Nager/Alliance

Photo: David Nager/Alliance

Alliance is deeply saddened at the passing of a friend, an ally, and a leader in our community, Humberto Cruz.

Our organization honored Humberto at our 20th anniversary event, acknowledging his longstanding commitment to serving those with HIV and AIDS and to ending the epidemic.

Many of you likely crossed paths with him, in his positions in New York State government (such as the Department of Health’s AIDS Institute), in community-based organizations, or on boards such as the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.

Throughout his life, he was committed to our community. His insight, persistence and dedication to shepherding lifesaving measures – in policy and in practice – will continue to inspire positive change that many of us strive to achieve in our work.

I feel truly blessed to have known Humberto, and am heartened knowing that so many people that we encounter every day are healthier and leading longer, richer lives in large part due to him. We are all part of his legacy, and I applaud Humberto for never backing down, and for his endless contributions to our community.

- Sharen I. Duke, Executive Director/CEO