The first step to a healthier lifestyle is to know where you stand. HIV and hepatitis C testing, rapid access to medical care, and risk reduction education will help you get and stay healthy.

It All Starts with a Simple Test

Our HIV & hep C testing is free, quick, and confidential. No appointment needed. Here's how we do it:

Questions? Get in touch:
Brandon Lee
(212) 645-0875 x384

Step 1: Let's talk.

An Alliance counselor will address your emotional needs and concerns, while also providing the lowdown on HIV/AIDS transmission and tips for prevention.

Step 2: Get the test.

The Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo is a rapid point-of-care test that determines the presence of HIV antibodies or antigen. It uses a small, needle finger stick to provide clear, accurate results in just 20 minutes.

Step 3: Discuss the results. 

Based on your test report, your Alliance counselor will discuss the appropriate prevention and/or care plan options.

We're Ready When You Are

The Alliance's free and confidential testing services are available, in English and Spanish, at the locations below.


The Alliance - Midtown
64 W 35th Street, 3rd Floor

Monday, Tuesday* & Friday
10am - 4pm

Wednesday & Thursday**
10am - 6:30pm
*Available Tuesdays after 4pm by appointment.
**Please call 212-645-0875 x450 if arriving after 5pm.


Keith Haring Harlem Center
315 E 104th Street, Suite 1

Monday - Friday
10am - 3pm


CASA Washington Heights
2036 Amsterdam Avenue

Monday, Wednesday - Friday
10am - 3pm

10am - 6pm

Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center
25 Allen Street

Monday - Friday
10am - 6:30pm

10am - 5pm

Staying Negative: What's Your Plan?

The Alliance offers several prevention-focused services, including evidence-based interventions to assist New Yorkers having unprotected sex and subsequently a higher risk of contracting HIV.

We also offer education on the PrEP and PEP preventive medicines, support groups, and syringe exchanges. Topics include safe sex healthy relationships, healthy disclosure, setting life goals, and more.


What does HIV stand for?

H: Human (its target) 
I: Immuno-deficiency (a weakening of the body's overall defense system) 
V: Virus (the microscopic parasite that attacks immunity)

What does AIDS stand for?

A: Acquired (received) 
ID: Immuno-deficiency (failure of the body's defense system)
S: Syndrome (a group of regularly appearing symptoms)

About Hepatitis C

The hepatitis C (hep C) virus causes inflammation of the liver and liver disease. Like many other viruses that you can pick up from someone else (such as the flu), it can cause sickness, including swelled organs and a breakdown of organ functions.


For more information about HIV/AIDS or hep C, visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website.

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Testing is the #1 tool against HIV and
hepatitis C.

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