The Alliance is a group of dedicated New Yorkers­–many who are managing chronic illnesses, addiction, and similar challenges. Through the support of our partners and people like you, they’re helping others find the path to happier healthy lives.

We’ve Always Focused on Change

In 1990, we opened our doors as a group of dedicated volunteers staring down the AIDS crisis. Twenty-five years later, we’re also helping those affected by chronic hepatitis, diabetes, addiction, and mental health issues create a positive change.

... and Peer Support

Specially trained Alliance team members—many who’ve experienced the same challenges as our program members, provide guidance on recovery services, medical and mental health care, and housing issues. Here’s how.

Want to Make a Positive Change?

Support the Alliance’s success stories with a donation, by volunteering, or by joining our unique one-on-one mentoring program from the Peer Training Institute.

Coming Attractions

Our exciting community always has news to share. Don’t miss out.

Create change... Right now!

Get Tested.

Testing is the #1 tool against HIV and hepatitis C.

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Peers + Poetry = Positive Changes:
Our poetry program is one way that we help others confront and work through change in their lives. Throughout these pages, we’re sharing some of the verse written by members of the Alliance.