We’ll connect you to the doctors, medications, and other services you need to cope with a chronic health issue or an addiction.

What is Care Management?

Do you need medical and/or mental health care? The Alliance’s Intake Team can put you on the path to positive change! Our free bilingual case management services can provide:

  • Access to quality medical services for HIV and other chronic illnesses
  • Coordination of your health services and issues among different doctors
  • Management of your medications and treatments

Care management is also your gateway to other key Alliance services, including:

  • Regular HIV testing
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Housing placement
  • Meal and food pantry services
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Support groups
  • Health coaching

Ready to enroll? Get in touch:
Caroline Andersen, Intake Assistant Director
(212) 645-0875 x340

A Program Tailored to Your Goals and Needs

Our caring and professional case management specialists will work with you to create a case management plan that fits your goals. We’ll even provide medical appointment reminders and escorts, and help with transportation costs, as you work with our partners like New York Presbyterian Hospital and Mount Sinai Health System.

The Pharmacy Access Program: Get What You Need to Stay Healthy

Our Pharmacy Access Program, at our Midtown and CASA Washington Heights locations, lets you pick up prescriptions with ease, safety, and total confidentiality. And if you have any questions about or problems with your medications, a pharmacy technician is always there to help.

Mental Health: For a Healthier Body, Heart, and Mind

The Alliance partners with the Institute for Family Health (IFH) to provide New Yorkers with individual and group outpatient counseling services. 

Contact Caroline Anderson, Intake Assistant Director, for more information: caroline@alliance.nyc, or 212-645-0875, x340.

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