Are you an active user? Managing recovery, day by day? No matter where you are in your journey, the Alliance can help you access qualified healthcare, reduce risk, and explore the recovery experience at your own pace.

Come As You Are

The Alliance is here for you, no matter where you are on the road to recovery. Our clinical intervention and recovery services—including one-on-one counseling and coaching, education, and syringe exchange services–help New Yorkers like you make healthier life choices.

We Meet You Where You Are, (and When You Need Us)

There’s no one road to recovery. So even if you aren’t quite ready to stop using, but understand the risk involved, there’s a place for you at the Alliance table. We believe in what’s called a “harm reduction philosophy.” This means that our programs accept your drug use without judgment, and with deep regard for human rights.

With the recent inclusion of the Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center (LESHRC) into the Alliance family, we’re newly empowered to help users stay safe. For example, using clean syringes and needles can help prevent the transmission of HIV, hepatitis, HCV, and other health conditions that injection-drug users face. So we offer no-cost syringe and needle exchanges, overdose prevention training, and support groups.

Contact LESHRC at 212-226-6333 or visit 25 Allen Street, for more information.

Our Caregiving Pros are Leading the Way

The Alliance’s professional substance abuse specialists guide you and other program participants through recovery. These highly trained and credentialed professionals meet you at your level of need. As part of their care plan, they can develop and put into action an individualized recovery plan to reduce your exposure to HIV and/or hepatitis C, while also protecting your sexual partners.

…With People Like You Keeping it Real

Excellent medical and mental health care is critical to your recovery. But you may need something more to keep you on track with your goals. That’s why the Alliance offers peer recovery-support programs approved by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). These programs keep you in touch with others sharing similar experiences, each and every day. You’ll be able to build and keep up your self-determination within your chosen community, whether you’re gay, bisexual, transgender, or otherwise identified.

Contact us at (212) 645-0875  x700 (CASA Washington Heights), or x300 (Midtown Central) for more information on recovery services.

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