The Alliance helps New Yorkers living with HIV and other chronic health conditions get the medical care, peer support, and housing assistance they need to achieve health, happiness, and stability.

Board of Directors

Meet Our Team

Executive Department
Sharen I. Duke, Executive Director/CEO – Ext. 304
Brenda Starks-Ross, Deputy Executive Director/COO – Ext. 311
Brooke Brailey, Director of Administration – Ext. 303

Finance, Development, Planning & Evaluation
Eliana Leve, VP of Contracts & Quality Management – Ext. 436
Judy Hederman, VP of Finance – Ext. 317
Ebony L. Ross, Director of Development & Planning – Ext. 380

Prevention Services
Fulvia Alvelo, VP of Outreach & Linkage to Care – Ext. 341
Ramona Cummings, VP of Prevention Services – Ext. 342
Deborah Yuelles, Associate Director of Prevention – Ext. 313
Kristy Aristy, Associate Director of Supportive Services (OASAS) – Ext. 718  
Guy Williams, Associate Director of Prevention – Ext. 348
Velia Hernandez, Associate Director of Supportive Services (CASA) – Ext. 321/703
Katrina Balovlenkov, Associate Director of Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center

Client Services
Marcy Thompson, VP of Care Management – Ext. 307
Cynthia Rossi, Associate Director of Care Coordination – Ext. 705
Lindsay Hayek, Associate Director of Care Management – Ext. 359
Caroline Andersen, Intake Associate Manager – Ext. 340

David Nager, Director of Photography – Ext. 382
Mitch Case, Communications Manager – Ext. 324

Jill Clockadale, Associate Director of Housing – Ext. 752

John Noboa, Director of Operations and IT – Ext. 383
Conrad Johnson, Assistant Director of Operations – Ext. 362

Human Resources
Amelia Soter, Assistant Director of Human Resource – Ext. 330

Meet Our Partners

Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together.

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